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If it happens, it’ll happen..

  • The day, that I’ll be almost got overall happiness for my entire life to be enough.
  • The day, that I’ll be forgot to instruct a respective direction to my foots to step off..
  • The day, that I’ll be float on wind and thank that wind to give the breath and that is enough for my entire life.
  • The day, that I’ll be fulfilled my eye’s longings. 
  • The day, that I’ll be unstable and not fit to my soul.
  • The day, that I’ll be dedicate my left side.
  • The day, that I’ll be most headweighted person because it happens.
  • The day, that I’ll be won’t able to forgot and it make lot n lot of goosebumps.     

 All because of you, my love that you’re standing infront of me and making my eyes to watch through. 

If it happens, it’ll happen.. dedicating to my love n lovely her of mine..😍  

Please take my thing that I bearing on my left.. 

Always love with my readers.. thanking you my dears n my pappa..

Before few hours..!

         That happened to me before few hours..

               An incident which gives me some positive thoughts and more disappointments to quit some madness and to stop over craze about..

                A Colorful ceremony that grandly celebrated by many people with noisy and colorful bursters. That’ll be a great disappointed session for a guy who was running with tearful of eyes and speed ful of his running foots.

                  There was something behind his tears and running for something that made him to do for someone. 

                   A phone call made his foots to slow his running and he tooks a half of the minute to said hello!. Unstoppable breaths and tears. 

                  Yes..That was his girl who he was loved by. Her name was……..!

                   Name..? That’s not a master at all. Be positive or be quiet to perform the thing before initiating it..! 

                  Thankyou my dear readers..!

Did you know about “Tringg trinnggg”

A Pleasure Evening my dear readers..

  •            Tringg Trinnggg, a love novel that was going to publish by me. Now, the Tringg Trinnggg was on writing process. And it will publish soon.
  • Tringg Trinnggg, the novel was about a true incident based on one’s life. That was a emotional love story of the guy Rishi Karthik. 
  • The novel was converted into words as emotions of Rishi Karthik, the who narrates about his life happenings and a beautiful love that started with Tringg Trinnggg, through a phone call. 
  • The Novel writing was inspired by me, before that my initial stage of intrest of writing novels has started through the great novelist Chetan bhagad sir’s. 
  • Soonly my first novel Tringg Trinnggg would publish soon and I’ll soonly make my novel to grab into your hands to experience the wondering love through my novel.
  • Thankyou friends.. keep supporting and keep motivating as my day to be brightness with your blessings. 

2017- The Memories

  • The year *2017* we’d moreover completed 12months..
  • We’d saw many happenings, incidents, happiness, disasters, adventures, and got many experiences into it..
  • Through this year, we wanna remain many things..
  • January – A revolution that made due to us “Support for Jallikattu”. All kind of people joined and protested for saving our tradition. 
  • A month that made many political issues and authority was unbalanced due to some culprits and corruptions for achieving their power.
  • A sunny month forever is March, there was a heavy hot weather condition after 10 years.
  • Our entertainment get peak on April month, we’d enjoyed many films and YouTube videos through it.
  • Elections cancelled many times at a particular region that had finally came to solve at end of this year.
  • Meme creating that has a huge craze and some YouTube pages too.
  • Some celebratiees moments like Viruskha , Kamal sir and Rajni sir’s Political announcements.
  • People’s favourite films like Mersal, Aruvi, VikramVedha, Bahubali2 , Aval, Velaikkaran, and so on. 
  • We saw many tragedies that came for our Farmers and their protest for saving Agri.

And I hope that 2018 would be a more peaceful and greatful year and it’ll be much better than this year. 

Wishing you a very 

Happie newyear of 2018.